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5 Smart Devices to Help Your Garden Thrive

Earth Day is celebrated once a year, but why not help out Mother Earth every day? Energy conservation and efficiency are two important subjects in the Internet of Things (IOT), and there are a number of smart devices out there that can help you stay connected to your plants so they stay hydrated and healthy.

Here is a list of smart garden and lawn sensors that you can use to help cultivate your green thumb (and conserve water!):



Imagine technology that tells you what plants would grow best in your garden as well as how to take care of them by tracking environmental conditions including sunlight, humidity, and soil composition. Now, look at Edyn™.

Designed with water conservation and efficiency in mind, each Edyn system includes one Edyn Garden Sensor and one Edyn Water Valve (with the option to purchase additional Sensors and Valves) to help you conserve water and save on utilities. Each WiFi-enabled Garden Sensor is sun, rain and fertilizer resistant for outdoor and indoor use, has a range of 250 feet, and works with pretty much any soil and plant type. The Edyn Water Valve connects to your existing watering system and collects data from the Garden Sensor to make sure your plants are getting the water they need.

The Edyn System is available for pre-order now and is expected to begin shipping this Spring.


Rachio Iro

Meet the Rachio™ Iro—the intelligent WiFi-enabled sprinkler controller manufactured right here in the US of A. Just swap Iro with an existing sprinkler controller or install Iro indoors (or outdoors within a weatherproof enclosure) using your home’s low voltage wires, download the Iro app on your mobile phone and connect your Iro to the app to begin saving 30% or more (on average) on your water bill. One Iro user saved 14,000 gallons of water and over $50 on their water bill in just 2 months from the previous year.

The Iro works with IFTTT and is also a certified “Works With Nest” product, which allows your Iro to turn on your sprinkler system in the event that the Nest Protect detects a fire in your home. Users can create schedules for Iro that adjust to local weather changes in order to conserve water and minimize soil runoff due to overwatering.

The Iro is available now through the Rachio online store, Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, the Apple Store, and other authorized landscape and irrigation professionals.



Whether there’s a dry spell or it’s raining cats and dogs outside, take control of your lawn or garden with RainMachine™— the “Forecast Sprinkler Controller.” One of the unique features of the RainMachine is its weather forecasting using National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites and databases to download the latest local weather conditions not just for your general area—but for your exact home address! The RainMachine refreshes itself mutilple times a day to give you the most accurate forecast, and with 7-day forecasts and a database of historical weather data, even if your RainMachine loses WiFi connection, you’re still good to go.

The RainMachine is expected to launch this May, and for those interested in purchasing a RainMachine, you may submit your email address here to subscribe for notifications when the RainMachine becomes available for purchase.


Parrot Flower Power

This cute little branch-shaped sensor not only that it blends in with your garden—it helps your garden thrive and grow! The indoor/outdoor Parrot® Flower Power sensor is wireless, waterproof, and IFTTT compatible, so you can combine Flower Power with other connected devices.

Powered by Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 technology, the Parrot Flower Power collects real-time environmental data and cross-references the information with its database of over 7,000 plants and its Seasonality feature to provide you information on your plant and its unique needs. The Flower Power app is available on both iOS and Android devices, using Bluetooth to send notifications about your plants to your smartphone or tablet.

The Flower Power is available now in your choice of Blue, Green, and Brown at a variety of retailers and online outlets including the Parrot store, Amazon, the Apple Store, Brookstone, Newegg, and more.



Koubachi™ offers a solution for harvesting data and taking care of your plants whether it’s indoors and outdoors, for professional use or everyday gardening. It’s line of wireless WiFi-enabled sensors (Indoor, Outdoor, and Pro) each come equipped with the ability to collect and analyze data including sunlight, infrared, temperature, and soil moisture, as well as a Scientific Plant Library and customized gardening advice tailored to your plants’ needs available right from your mobile device or desktop computer.

Koubachi now also offers it’s own Koubachi Smart Watering System to interact with its sensors to give your lawn or garden just the right amount of water when it needs it. The Smart Watering System is available for pre-order, and you can purchase Koubachi sensors now on Amazon.

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