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Smart Home Happy Hour at The Windsor on The Lake

Last week, the WigWag team took over downtown Austin at the Windsor on the Lake high-rise luxury residential building. We wanted to show off our hard work to the community and get some useful feedback. More importantly, we wanted to find out how our target markets were reacting to seeing our product in action and what their initial thoughts were.

We packed up a few boxes filled with 15 WigWag Filament bulbs, a WigWag Relay, and an Amazon Echo. We wanted to show off the impact of smart colored lighting, plus the added control using voice or you mobile device. . We also had a nice spread of food and beverages for our guests. It was a hit to say the least.

The calm before the storm.

Alexa (Amazon Echo) was the star of the show, everyone wanted to ask Alexa to control the lighting. “Alexa, ask WigWag to change the lights to Aqua Blue”, “Alexa, ask WigWag to set the lights to 50% brightness”, and many more commands could be heard throughout the night.

The guests (over 70 in attendance) absolutely loved watching the lighting change colors and brightness levels based solely on their voice commands. Even with the loud background noises coming from various people at the party socializing, the Amazon Echo and WigWag Relay worked flawlessly and didn’t miss a beat when it came to the voice controls.

Just before the party got started.

The best part? The questions and conversations we got to have with the community! They brought up so many interesting thoughts for us and we loved the in-depth conversations we were able to have with them.

For instance, one of the guests, who already owned a Nest Thermostat, was very interested in additional ways he could save energy. We discussed using a high current energy switch, like this one from Insteon, to control the hot water heater, adding the ability to control and set when the hot water heater is turned on and off. With the average electric water heating cost about $780 a year to operate, turning it off strategically, makes a lost of sense. . We were super excited to hear the community ask, how they could benefit from home automation.

Other guests really dove into the smart lighting possibilities. Creating rules within our Rule Builder to turn on/off lights at specific times or for unique occurrences, creating Moods within our app for exact lighting in certain areas of the home, and more -- just a few of the many ideas that were populating their minds when seeing WigWag in action. We appreciated the feedback more than they will probably ever know.

By the end of the event, over 70 guests came by the smart home happy hour, we felt the event was a huge success. We were able to interact with some amazing guests regarding our product throughout the entire night. We can’t wait to do it again and continue to show off what’s in store for the future of WigWag.

And, if any guests in attendance are reading this: Thank you so much for coming, it means everything to us. The same goes for any other WigWag fans out there!

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