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Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch Review

This week, we reviewed the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Energy Switch and were able to really get a feel for all of its functions and capabilities.

This smart home device is a low cost Z-Wave appliance switch that plugs into a standard power outlet. Setup and installation is also just that simple. Once plugged into the wall, you can then use the Z-Wave switch to perform specific tasks (such as turning appliances or lights on/off remotely).

The Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch is rated to handle 1875W at 15A. This is much higher than other smart energy switches such as the GE Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module, which only supports products rated up to 600W at 5A. The Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch has a wireless range of up to 100 feet, plus it meshes with other Z-Wave devices. This makes it super convenient when using it anywhere around your house or yard.

One big feature we initially noticed and loved was that the switch features an integrated energy meter that helps manage your energy consumption. This can really come in handy as it can help lower your energy usage -- and help you save money. It reports immediate wattage consumption and even shows your energy usage over a specific period of time (in kWh) when paired with a Z-Wave compatible controller, that supports this feature. The potential energy savings gained from automating this device will end up paying for itself over time.

The Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch also works with the WigWag Relay, you can control it from within the WigWag Smart Home mobile app. We then used the WigWag app to set up some rules using other Z-Wave devices along with the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch.

Once the device is connected to the WigWag Relay, the possibilities for this switch really open up when using our Rule Builder to set specific tasks to be performed at certain times.

For example, we set a rule to turn off the lights in our office after a certain time in the evening (that way, if someone forgets to do so, we save on energy and budget). This was all easily done within the WigWag app and using the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch.

The best part about creating a rule similar to the one above? It eliminates the need for a physical Z-Wave device such as the Belkin Conserve Socket and other similar Z-Wave products. The WigWag Relay and app allow the software to create the rules instead of physical devices which can save a good amount of money in the long run -- as well as the hassle of using a ton of devices.

Because this switch can handle 15 AMPs, it would not only be useful for lighting like the GE Outdoor Module Switch, but also electric motors, fans, pumps, small electric grills, electric heaters, and much more. This creates a ton of possible use cases that we will be getting into in future blog posts on how to create each rule in our rule builder with step-by-step articles.

Overall, this is a very useful smart home device. And, when paired with our Relay (or other Z-Wave controllers with rule execution capabilities), can open up a huge world of possibilities.

Do you have any devices that you would love to connect in your smart home or do you have any experience connecting them using this smart energy switch? Leave us some love in the comments. We’d love to hear your stories!

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