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Amazon Echo + WigWag

The team has been working hard on one of our favorite integrations: adding Amazon Echo compatibility to deviceJS and the WigWag Relay. This voice integration will add hands free control to the current WigWag capabilities to control your home using smart switches, your smartphone, or combining sensors with rules to make it automatic.

The first stage of our Echo development is close enough to completion, that we are ready to demonstrate some of the new capabilities that WigWag adds to the Amazon Echo. This first release of the WigWag Alexa Skill will add voice control of WigWag compatible devices that are Switchable, Dimmable or Colorable. This includes smart bulbs, light switches, dimmers, plug-in switches and smart outlet.

What is different from other Echo smart home skills is that WigWag will add the ability to set color, moods (presets of device settings) and turn rules on and off. In addition, to the standard smart home skills that include on/off control of locations and brightness levels.

With WigWag and Amazon Echo, you won’t need to pull out your smartphone or get up to flip a switch, just use voice commands for control. Here’s a short video with more details on this update.

Want to turn off your kitchen lights without getting off the couch during your Sunday night movie? “Alexa, ask WigWag to turn off the kitchen lights” is all you need to know. That command will instantly turn off the kitchen lights.

Setting up your “Moods” and “Locations” within our Smart Home App is quick and easy as well. There is no limit to the number of locations and moods you can create, but we recommend not going overboard.

Within the Locations home screen, you can access and monitor your different locations throughout your home. To create a new Location, simply tap the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner of the Location home screen, type in your new Location name, pair the appropriate devices to that Location, and you’re good to go. Here’s a link to our support video for more information on how to set up your locations. For moods setup, check out our support video on how to setup a mood.

Hands Free Control

Once everything is paired and setup, you can then start using your voice controls. There are an array of commands that will work with this pairing, some of those include:

  • “Alexa, ask WigWag to set the lights on in the dining room”

  • “Alexa, ask WigWag to change the color of the lights to Aqua Blue”

  • “Alexa, ask WigWag to set the brightness to 50% in the living room”

  • “Alexa, ask WigWag to change the color to Hot Pink in the bedroom”

  • “Alexa, ask WigWag to turn everything off”

Below is a short video demonstrating the some of the voice commands in action. In the video we ask Alexa to list the moods, then we execute that mood by number. Once we get your input (more on that below) on our words library you will be able to execute a mood using the name of that mood.

We need your help

Now we need your help to put the finishing touches on the development. In an ideal world, Alexa would understand any word combination you decide to set up your moods, but that is not how Alexa currently works. Alexa needs us to include a custom library of words, fortunately they have given us 50,000 words we can add, so there will be plenty of flexibility.

Please include what names you would like to for moods in the comments. To get you started with have included a dinner use case:

  • Alexa, ask WigWag to set the mood to Prep Dinner
  • Alexa, ask WigWag to set the mood to Eat Dinner
  • Alexa, ask WigWag to set the mood to Romantic Dinner.

Other moods may include: Night Time Security Mood, Party Mood, Weekend Mood, Work Day Mood, we think you get the idea.

Please share your ideas in the comments below! We’re all ears and would love to get some suggestions as the use cases are endless.

We’re excited for this feature release and hope you are too. Once we get enough feedback, we will wrap the development process and submit this new skill to Amazon. We were told to expect it to take a few weeks to get through the approval process. We’ll keep you updated on our progress with everything else as well so stay tuned!

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