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Why the recent uproars in the SmartThings and Revolv Communities won’t happen at WigWag

First it was Google's Revolv... bricking their Hub (disguised as a container of Hummus). Now it's SmartThings...Just yesterday I saw an article regarding an uproar in the SmartThings community, as the third party developer and creator, announced the end of support for the much beloved "Rule Machine".

“In light of the ongoing serious degradation of the SmartThings platform, and the total lack of transparency into the problems with the platform by the company, I have reached the conclusion that it is prudent to no longer support Rule Machine in this environment.” - Bruce Ravenel

This underlines some major weaknesses of current IoT products that depend to heavily on cloud services. As a consumer, you are at risk if your "Smart Device" loses connectivity to the cloud; or in the case of Revolv if the service is discontinued. As a third party developer, you are at the mercy of the cloud service controlled by a third party, and you have no visibility into the code itself.

Make no mistake... the technology problems this industry has taken on are hard. And choices need to be made for companies to remain profitable and get products out on a timeline. Both of these companies could be considered competitors to WigWag and we know firsthand how difficult it is to build a platform that abstracts all those protocols and standards - so developers and consumer don't have to worry about ZigBee, Z-Wave, Thread, Insteon, etc. But abandoning your most enthusiastic customers... that's tough to overcome!

A few key differences with the WigWag Relay (Powered by deviceJS). First, because we architected the service to run locally or in the cloud, if the cloud is no longer there, it will still work. This is true for an Internet outage or if for some reason in the future the cloud is shutdown. Your WigWag Relay will not be bricked! Developers can create applications (such as Rule Machine) that run on the Relay itself. So the developer (and ultimately the end-user) would not be subject to the problems of a cloud that is out of thier control. As a side note, our Rule Builder, is designed to be able to handle Nested Conditionals. Lastly, we plan to fully release the deviceJS code to the open-source community. This gives the community the transparency they need to make better products, and so as long as the community wants, the WigWag code and service can live on.

While SmartThings and Revolv have given the connected home space a bit of a black eye, we intend to help heal that wound with an innovative / reliable product set. As for the current Revolv and Smarthings customers that are hurting right now, might we suggest a well marbled Texas sized Ribeye to help the swelling... and please know that you are always welcome here - anytime!

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