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GE Link Smart Bulb Review

Familiar to the Internet of Things industry or not, the GE Link Smart Bulb has a very low cost to entry into the market. For those who wish to add to their collection of smart devices without breaking the bank, the $15 Link 60-Watt Equivalent Connected Home LED Light Bulb by GE doesn’t take long to pay for itself.

The relatively low price of the bulb is not the only thing that the Link Bulb has going for it -- it is also very energy efficient. According to GE, the Link Bulb should last 22.8 years if you run it three hours a day. It’s important to note that the bulb operates on 12 watts to generate the standard 60 watts, contributing to an annual operating cost of $1.45 a year.

Aesthetically, GE’s bulb isn’t hard to look at. It is an A19 with clear plastic on the top, a ring of LEDS under a plastic diffuser lense, and a metal ‘U’-shaped antenna, contributing to a modern spin on the traditional light filament. Weighing in at a hefty 6.2 ounces, the device feels like you are getting more bang for your buck.

The new GE Link connected LED 60-watt replacement (A19) bulb, enabled by the new Wink app, lets you remotely control your home lighting from anywhere in the world while providing the same quality lighting, energy efficiency and long life that you expect from the GE brand. The 60-watt replacement soft white (2700K) LED bulb, or A19 shape is commonly used for general lighting in table and floor lamps.

After testing this device in the WigWag office, we found that the Link Bulb is super easy and super quick to get up and running. To set it up, the user will need a smart hub.

Fortunately, our WigWag Relay connects seamlessly with this device and really opens up the possibilities of this GE Link Smart Bulb when used with our Rule Builder in the WigWag app.

After the user has signed in with an account and is connected to a hub, all they have to do is plug in the device and search for it through the WigWag app. After the Link Bulbs are paired to the account, the user can control them from anywhere.

The user can also utilize the WigWag Rule Builder to limit energy consumption and take advantage of the Link Bulb’s efficiency even further. You can easily set a rule to only turn on the Link Bulb in the front hallway of your home Monday through Friday from 8-11 pm. If the user has a GoControl Z-Wave Wireless Door/Window Sensor paired to their account, they can use that device along with the Rule Builder to make the same bulb turn on every time someone opens the front door. Here's a quick screenshot below of what that would look like within the WigWag Smart Home Mobile App.

Create rules within the WigWag Smart Home Mobile App Rule Builder such as scheduling your lights to only turn on during specific times and days of the week.

A nice feature of the Link Bulb is its dimmability, which gives the users more freedom to transform their environment and set the mood for whatever the occasion calls for. Yes, this is the perfect feature for your Game of Thrones marathons -- you can dim the lights without having to get up and can still see your bowl of popcorn.

The bulb can’t change color, but it emits soft, warm light to any environment. The Link Bulb is a good solution to replacing the incandescent bulbs in your home, where you don’t need adjustable color: your desk, closet, bathroom, hallways, garage, etc. As an interoperable controller, the WigWag relay gives you the freedom of controlling these bulbs along with different smart bulbs you have, all through the same medium.

At its brightest setting, the Link Bulb has a light output of 800 Lumens and 2700K Soft White appearance. At this same setting, the light is not very diffused and can be harsh on the eyes. A singular bulb sufficiently lights a large closet.

There are multiple ways to control this bulb. The first is through the WigWag app, which allows you to dim the bulbs individually or multiple at a time through the individual and global device controls. Another way is through voice commands using Echo. You can ask Alexa to turn bulbs off or on in specific locations or change the bulbs’ brightness. The user can also utilize the WigWag Moods feature to ask Alexa to set the Mood with a certain bulb setting, such as 20 percent brightness in your room when you wake up.

Overall, GE’s Link Bulb stood out to us because of its affordability, high energy efficiency, simple control, dimmability, and unique design. It is definitely a bulb to consider for those looking to make the prudent switch from incandescent to LED bulbs. The Link Bulb serves as a good choice for those looking to join the IoT conversation or just simply expand their smart device collection in an affordable way.

We’re interested to hear about your experience with the GE Link Bulb, so please don’t hesitate to share below!

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