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GE Z-Wave Outdoor Smart Switch Review

This week we reviewed the GE Outdoor Smart Switch, It is a plug-in switch, so you don’t need to involve an electrician to get your outdoor plug-in devices working with the rest of your Smart Home. Use it to control your outdoor devices such as plug-in lights, small pumps or electric motors. Outdoor plug-in smart switches are a great addition to any smart home.

Now, let’s dive into some of the more important details with this device and break down what we liked and didn’t like.

The design is pretty basic and it was made not to block the lower part of the outlet which is very thoughtful of GE. The plug on the device is rated to handle up to 600 watts (5A) which is enough for your average lamp or something similar. However, it’s capability is much less than some of it’s competition, such as the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch which handles up to 1875W (15A).

In other words, the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch can handle more powerful devices such as pool pumps, larger outdoor pumps for fountains, some electric grills, and many other portable devices that require more than 5 amps.

The pricing between these two devices is fairly similar,the GE Outdoor Smart Switch comes in at $39.50, while the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch is priced at $44.95. We’re also going to break down the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch next week as part of our Outdoor Smart Switch Series, so keep an eye out for that in case you want a more in-depth comparison between the two devices.

The GE Outdoor Smart Switch does not give you the option to dim your lighting. Might not be a big deal to most, but we thought it would be a nice to have feature.

As with all Z-Wave Plus devices it meshes with other Z-Wave Plus devices, and it can be controlled with the WigWag Relay. The meshing capability is nice, because as you add new devices, you expand the coverage of your IoT network. Basically, each device acts as a repeater, so you can control devices that our out of the direct range of the Relay.

Of course, when you connect the GE Outdoor Switch to the WigWag Relay, you also add the ability to build rules to make events happen automatically, and to control it remotely with your smartphone. It’s nice to have the ability to add an extra level of security for your home when out of town; to set the Christmas lights or a patio fountain to turn on/off automatically.

Overall, we really like the GE Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module and we were impressed by how simple and effective it is for controlling your outdoor lighting and other devices. It makes a great addition to any smart home.

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