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Getting Started With The WigWag Home Automation Kit

We've put this starter guide together to help you with your journey for creating a smarter home. It includes what you need to know to setup your WigWag Relay and pair your first WigWag filament smart bulbs. We included videos for those of you who prefer visuals. If you have additional questions you can also check the WigWag support pages, WigWag Talk or contact WigWag support.

Account Setup

To get started setting up your WigWag Relay and Filament bulbs:

  • For websites: Follow the on-site instructions to create an account. Go to your email to verify your identity.

  • For mobile apps: Go to the your mobile app store (iOS or Android) and download the WigWag app. Create an account within the app and go to your email to verify your identity.

Watch this video to get a quick introduction on how to set up your WigWag Account:

You’re then ready to start creating your locations within your home and pairing your WigWag Filament Smart Lights.

Pairing Your Relay

  1. Take the Relay out of the box and connect the power supply cord to the back of the Relay and plug into a wall outlet.

  2. The light on the Relay will with turn red to indicate that the Relay is receiving power.

  3. Connect the ethernet cable to the back of the Relay as well and plug the other end of the cable to your router.

  4. Wait for the light on the Relay to turn blue, showing that the Relay is connected to the Cloud.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to setup your WigWag Relay:

Creating Locations

  1. Once your Relay is successfully setup and paired, you’re ready to create your first location.
    Begin by opening up the WigWag app (while logged into your account).

  2. In the home tab, tap to add your first location and create a desired name for it (ie. living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.).

  3. If you wish to edit your location at anytime, simply tap the settings portion of the location indicated by the three dots in the lower right corner. You can delete, rename, and move your locations.

Here’s a short video on how to create a location within our mobile app:

Pairing Your Filament Bulbs

  1. To pair a device, first select a location within the WigWag mobile app by pressing the “+” sign on the top right of the home screen. Or, if your Locations tab is empty, select “Add Your First Device”. A list of supported devices will appear on screen, select WigWag Filament and click.

  2. There are two options to pair the device: either input the pairing code manually located on the backside of the filament or simply scan the QR code.

  3. Once the bulbs are paired within the app, install the Filament in the desired location and then turn it on. Note: the app won’t be able to find the Filament if it is off. The Filament will emit a steady white light, meaning it is ready for pairing.

  4. Click next to verify a check mark appears next to the device. This indicates a successful pair.

  5. Once you are done editing the device, select the device by tapping the open circle on the right and hit “Done” to complete the process.

Below is a video on how to successfully pair your Filament bulbs to your Relay:

Setting Moods

  1. Within the WigWag app, select the “Moods” Tab on the taskbar located in between the “Home” and “Rules” tabs.

  2. Then select the “+” sign in the top right corner of the app and create a name for what you would like the mood to be called (ie. a mood called “Night Time” that triggers specific lighting when it’s time to go to bed).

  3. Next, select the open circle to the left of each device to trigger when the mood is activated. Tap each device to edit them individually. You can rename, delete, and edit your created moods in the “Moods” tab.

Here’s a video explaining how to setup and create your specific moods:

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