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How to Make Your Smart Home Last

People often associate the “Internet of Things” with a world like we’ve seen on the Jetsons, but most people don’t exactly think about the future while they’re shopping for the right smart hub to automate their home or office.

Think about it...

Now that you’ve started accumulating smart devices, have you ever wondered how they will all continue to function together in five years? What about ten years? Sure, these hubs work with the devices you have now, but what about the future?

sad phone You don’t want to get stuck with a useless box and a closed system that can’t keep up with the increasing flux of smart devices. You want to rest assured that the system you buy today will continue to function and grow for years and years to come. The key is compatibility.

Compatibility means consistency, convenience, and harmony between your smart devices. It means you get the peace of mind knowing that while you are out shopping for a new device, whichever one you choose will work with what you already have at your home or office. It means no confusion and no disruption of service, because each device you add integrates seamlessly with your existing ecosystem.

Lets say you already use INSTEON wall switches in your home, and you’re thinking of trying out something new—maybe a Z-wave door lock or a couple of Belkin WeMos. Each device has its own app to set controls and turn on and off, which means you’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time to go into each individual app to control just one device at a time.

Not to mention that some devices require their own hubs to send unique messages that are only recognizable by those specific devices. Now, that’s too much work for someone who just wants a bit of convenience in their lives. As new devices continue to come out, you’ll be forced to continue to buy hubs to control them all, and your collection of hubs will start to pile up.

What if there was one device that could unite all of these hubs together, saving you time and space? Sounds nice, right?

That’s why we designed the WigWag Relay with compatibility and versatility in mind, so you can connect all kinds of devices together regardless of the brand and control them with just one app. Our open software lets you integrate all of your smart devices into one ecosystem and also gives you the benefit of a community of developers who are working to extend support to as many fun new devices as possible.

Plus, WigWag works with a lot of devices you may already own. All you need is a WigWag Relay (available for pre-order here) and the WigWag app, and you’re ready to start connecting your smart devices—-no additional hardware required. This list is always growing, so keep checking with our Compatible Devices page to see if one of your favorites has been added recently!

IP/WiFi Devices:

wifi devices

But who says you have to limit yourself? The WigWag Relay can be expanded via optional USB and Mini-PCIe cards (coming soon!) to support a wide variety of devices and other protocols, including:

  • Z-Wave
  • ZigBee
  • Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Insteon
  • X10
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