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LIFX Color 1000 Review

Smart home lighting is catching on strong with consumers and with that comes an array of competitors and products. Amid all of the options out there, it is important to look more in-depth at each one individually to determine what is the best fit for you -- and your home. Just as with traditional light bulbs, different fixtures and rooms work best with different smart bulbs, depending on factors such as the need for light in the room, budget or even the shape of the bulb.

Just like WigWag, LIFX got their start on Kickstarter. They have been in the smart lighting industry for a few years, and have a great line of smart bulbs. Their latest bulb, the LIFX Color 1000, is what we will be reviewing today. To start, the LIFX Color 1000 gets its name from the fact that its default brightest setting is a little above 1000 lumens.

One of it main differentiators of the LIFX compared to other smart bulbs is that it doesn't require an IoT “Hub” or “Relay”, since it uses WiFi versus a specific IoT protocol (i.e. ZigBee, Z-Wave, Insteon, etc.). So all you need to get started is your WiFi router, their mobile app and a LIFX bulb

The LIFX app allows you to control the different color settings on your smart bulb remotely over an Internet connection. Their app has a few sections within it and they include such categories as Colors, Themes, and Effects.

The app is well designed and easily operable. We were impressed with both the physical product (the bulb itself) and the mobile app that goes along with it.

Brightness and Color

The LIFX is the brightest bulb we have tested and is very impressive in that sense. It packs a punch at 1055 lumens and really produces a lot of light with just one bulb. It can produce warm to cool whites at a range of 2500K - 9000K and has a universal voltage of 100V to 240V. It also has an expected lifespan of up to 22.8 years (based on 3 hours of usage per day).

WiFi and Security

One issue to keep in mind with any WiFi based product is security. WiFi products share your home network, which means more traffic and another device that has your home network's security credentials. Using WiFi is certainly more convenient with a handful of devices, but as you add more devices, the traffic increases and so does the potential for one of these devices to compromise your home network.

With Wifi, you generally need to be concerned about the strength of the signal from your router, although LIFX has placed an extra radio in their bulbs so they can Mesh. You just need to make sure at least one of the bulbs is in range of your wireless router, and then each additional LIFX bulbs is in range of one another.

Cloud versus local Control

Rules for the LIFX bulbs are executed in the cloud. This is great for controlling the bulbs when you are away from home, but this doesn’t work if you lose your Internet connection. This is where the WigWag Relay really adds value to the the LIFX Color 1000.

Once you have on-boarded the LIFX to the WigWag Relay, and have set-up rules to control it using the WigWag Rule Builder, the Relay will execute these rules locally. This means a faster response time and more importantly, your rules will continue to function even without an Internet connection.


The price per bulb ($60 USD) is higher than other smart bulbs out there and could pose a major issue when it comes to outfitting an entire home with these bulbs. For instance, an average U.S. household has more than 40 sockets for light bulbs. At $60 per bulb, that can really add up -- although you would be getting a really nice product.

We feel that the LIFX Color 1000 is a great option, if you have a room where you want a lot of controllable light, but you only have one socket in your lighting fixture.


The LIFX Color 1000 is also substantially smaller than their original bulb making it much easier to fit into specific lamps and lighting fixtures. The Color 1000 with the A19 Edison Screw is 63 mm wide and 115mm in height whereas the original LIFX bulb comes in at 65mm wide and 135mm in height (much longer as you can see). LIFX also offers the Color 1000 with a Bayonet Cap that is the same width as the A19 Edison Screw but 2 mm longer.

(Photo credit: Reddit user klinquist)

Heat Load

The LIFX Color 1000 runs hotter than any of the other smart bulbs we have tested but is very well designed and disperses the light all around very nicely.

If you want to have one lamp or just a couple bulbs in one room, then pricing and temperature of the bulbs might not be much of an issue.


We really like this smart bulb and feel it makes a great addition to any smart home. As mentioned previously, what you find with smart lighting is that there isn’t a one fit solution for every light fixture.

Different fixtures need different bulbs shapes and capabilities. This is one of the core concepts at WigWag, Interoperability (Working Together). Trust us, we love home
automation, just like you, and wanted to have the flexibility to choose what option made the most sense. Whether it be a LIFX, Philips Hue, OSRAM or a WigWag product.

Again, LIFX did a great job with this bulb, it is one of the best on the market, and we are excited have this smart bulb as part of our growing ecosystem. If you are thinking about smart lighting, but are on the fence, this is a great option to get started. It has a low entry price at just $60. Then, when you are ready to outfit more of your home or expand into a complete home automation system this bulb will make a great addition to your device ecosystem.

Keep us posted in the comments or on your expereinces with the LIFX Color Smart Bulb, Smart Lighting and making your home more Automatic.

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