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OSRAM Gardenspot RGB Kit Review

We first fell in love with the Osram Gardenspot LIGHTIFY LED while doing research and finding awesome 4th of July Smart Devices for one of our featured blog posts. We tried them out in the yard at a few of our homes and then gathered together to discuss what we loved - and what could’ve been better - about them.

There are several different models but we specifically tried out the Osram Gardenspot RGB Kit. This ZigBee based device comes out of the box with a 14-foot string of 9 mini LED lights with an outdoor power supply and a Lightify controller.

The lights come pre-installed on mounting picks so that you can place them easily around your lawn and garden. You can also remove them from the picks so you can mount them on a flat surface as well. The wire that comes with them is also very long at 17 feet or so providing a good amount of length and range to provide power supply (there’s even a 6 foot power cord on the other end to help with range as well).

What’s cool this setup specifically? Well, you can use the connector at the end to chain additional strings of Gardenspot lights. We loved this as it opens up the possibility to really outfit your entire yard with these lights without missing a section or spot.

The lights also come with 9 preset lighting landscapes so you can set the mood outside to whatever you want. Favorite team playing that night and friends are coming over? Set the lights to change between your teams colors.

The connectors are sealed waterproof and all it takes to setup these lights is connecting the sting of lights to the Osram Lightify controller and plugging them into a power outlet.
Now comes the fun part, connecting these lights to a ZigBee controller and really opening the possibilities for them.

We strongly recommend using our WigWag Relay with these lights as it will allow you to easily sync up and control not only these lights, but every other smart device in your home -- all within our mobile app.

Once connected with our app, you can then control the outside lights however you want and even create rules for specific events you want done. Want you lights to go off at a certain time at night? Or come on at sunset? What about change to specific colors throughout the night or at certain times?

Simply create some rules for those commands and in seconds you will be all set. Imagine having these outdoor lights along your walkway for guests coming over and not having to worry about forgetting to turn them off or on. We did. And thought it was pretty cool.

At the end of the day, these lights are really pretty awesome. Pair them with our Relay along with your other smart home devices and you’ll be well on your way to complete and utter home automation domination.

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