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OSRAM LIGHTIFY Classic A60 Tunable White Review

Osram. A well-known brand to many that has been around for over a century is now focusing more on smart lighting and has come up with some pretty cool products. One that we’ve used and tested here in the WigWag office is the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Classic A60 Tunable White.

This smart bulb is another ZigBee solution that will require multiple components to operate. Even so, setup and installation for this bulb’s hardware is quick and simple. It’s a plug-in device that connects through WiFi instead of ethernet. In other words, you just plug in the gateway and twist the bulb into it’s socket.

The software setup of the bulb is a more of a thorough process however. After downloading the app, you must register for an account and then wait for an email activation link with a passcode within it. This part of the process could be a little shorter and user friendly as you will need another passcode to connect the bulb to Osram’s temporary Wi-Fi network. Regardless, once you get through this process, you’ll be good to go.

One way around this lengthy setup would be to connect this bulb to our WigWag Relay and use our mobile app to control all of your smart home devices from one location. It would save on the number of components you would need in your home and allow you to scale the number of bulbs in your home with a variety of different brands and devices. It would also allow you to create custom rules such as “Moods”, on/off switching, automatic dimming at certain times, and more using our custom Rule Builder.

Also, when we had this bulb (and others) connected to our Relay, it was a breeze to control them all through our mobile app and not have to deal with an array of different hubs and controllers. The bulb has a clean design out of the box and a more rounded top than other bulbs in this category such as the LIFX smart bulb.

The light quality on these bulbs are exceptional and the bulb easily illuminating a conference room on its on in our office. The bulbs range from 2000 to 6500K which is a great light temperature range and has a max bulb brightness of 810 lumens (60 watt). It consumes on average about 9.5 watts is on the lower side of energy consumption among many of its competitors.

Osram claims the bulb will last up to 20 years (~20,000 hours) if used for 2.7 hours a day. That is 10 years more than what the Philips Hue smart bulb claims for lifespan.

The only thing it doesn’t have that we would like to have seen is better security on the device as it does not have rolling 128 bit security encryption like our WigWag Filament Bulb. It is however a great bulb if you are looking for a dimmable white-colored bulb at an affordable price point. It certainly passed our tests for quality and we strongly feel that if paired with our Relay, these would be a top of the line white-lighting solution for your home.

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