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OSRAM LIGHTIFY Flex Light Strip Review

Here at the WigWag office we really enjoy playing around with various IoT devices -- especially those related to smart lighting. Mainly, because we want them to work seamlessly with our Relay so that we (and you) can control all of them and more through our mobile app. But also because we just really appreciate quality products and have a passion/curiosity for anything IoT related.

This led us to the Osram Lightify Flex RGBW lighting strip. A simple, yet effective lighting solution for indirect lighting that also makes for solid light accents. This indoor lighting solution provides a set of flexible LED light strips that fit perfectly under a countertop for example -- oh, and they’re multi-colored as well.

Similar to the Osram Gardenspot, the Flex RGBW kit includes the standard Osram Lightify ZigBee HA Controller. It also comes with three two-foot LED light strips, a power supply, and 3M mounting tape that can be used for securing the light strips to various surfaces.

The light strips contain twelve multicolored LED’s each. Even better, all three can be connected together using their connectors at each end, creating one solid six-foot light strip (with 36 lights total on all three strips combined). Keep in mind too that strips can be mixed and matched between kits and you can even purchase an expansion kit if you want an even longer strip of lights.

Have we mentioned that these light strips are dimmable as well? Well, they are. That was another cool feature that we liked tinkering around with as we could then set moods and change colors, all within our mobile app.

These little lights are have up to 60 lumens per watt and produce a max watt usage of 15W. Their lifespan is apparently 20,000 hours but we obviously have not been able to test that yet -- getting there. We attached the light strips all throughout our office on top of each desk wall using the included 3M adhesive. They stuck immediately and have held up quite well.

Once we had them secure around the office, it was then time to connect them to our Relay so we could control them (and every other device in our office) using our mobile app. The pairing could not have been easier and was completed in a matter of minutes. Now we were able to change colors, dim, and set rules for what we wanted them to do - and not do - throughout the day.

Some use cases with these lights for around the home would include setting rules for them to come on when you main bulbs turn off, creating a much more subtle night-time mood. They would also work great for parties and, when paired with our Relay, have rules set up that changed the color of the light strips throughout the night -- impressing your guests with a memorable atmosphere. Best of all, once you set the rules and timers, the lights will take over the rest allowing you to sit back and enjoy the experience.

Overall, these light strips are super simple to use and setup. They provide quality lighting and make for great accent lighting throughout your home or office. And, when connected with our Relay and mobile app, allow for an array of possibilities and rules to be created.

You can certainly use these light strips with the standard Zigbee controller that they come with but after seeing them really come to life with our controller (the WigWag Relay), we can’t picture us ever using them without it. Regardless, these lighting strips are worth considering.

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