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Osram Lightify LED Recessed Dimmable Review

The Osram Lightify RT 5/6 LED is a recessed lighting device that will provide plenty of ambient light coverage in your home, wherever you install it. Its flat surface and ability to be placed inside the ceiling makes it a discreet, yet powerful, lighting addition to any room.

These lights are capable of fitting into both 5 inch and 6 inch recessed downlighting fixtures. There are two models- the RGBW model (model: 73741) and the white model (model: 73742). Despite the white model not being able to display color, it’s still a versatile option as it’s tunable.

The color temperature of these lights ranges from 1900K (warmest setting) to 6500K (coolest setting), . One thing we immediately noticed about these lights during testing was that they’re pretty powerful- they’re so bright that we have to cover them with some sort of material if we elect to increase the brightness.

We really liked the flat white trim around the fixture. As opposed to standalone bulbs that some choose to install as overhead lighting, the trim will keep out any pests like spiders from making their homes inside of yours as it seals off the area around the LEDs.

Besides preventing insects from piggybacking on your rent, it keeps unsightly holes from dotting the ceiling of your room by overlapping the immediate space outside of the installation area. Instead, your lighting is surrounded with a clean white ring that adds a touch of modernity to your home.

Bring automation with you wherever you wander, even when you’re not in the house. Since these LED fixtures can tolerate wet and damp conditions, they’re suitable for use outdoors. When you’re grilling on your patio, sufficient lighting helps ensure that your grilling goes off without a hitch. Additionally, impress your guests by pairing your Osram Lightify RT 5/6 lights to your WigWag Relay and show off some cool (yet practical) automation tricks.

Another feature that these Osram devices have are their dimmability. Don’t want to ruin the evening mood with strong lighting as soon as it gets dark? Use your phone to dim them to your preference. You can control these using the Lightify app by Osram, or the WigWag app (provided that you have a WigWag Relay).

The Lightify app is great if you have multiple Osram devices, but it doesn’t support cross-compatibility with other 3rd party devices. Additionally you can control devices and create Moods/Rules with the WigWag app, allowing you to link all the WigWag-compatible smart devices in your home in one convenient place. Nifty, huh?

Many smartphones on the market aren’t waterproof, and no one wants their $600 phone dunked in the pool. That shouldn’t keep you from maintaining your smart home life all the way down to your pool party. Sometimes, you just want to soak in the hot tub without the bright lights from your porch encroaching on your relaxation time.

Here’s a tip: set a motion sensor somewhere along the path from your pool to the patio, and use your WigWag Rule Builder to create a Rule. Here’s an example formula: ‘When’ your poolside contact sensor goes off, ‘Then’ the Osram Lightify LED recessed lights on your patio turn on.

This will help you and your friends make it back to the patio safely, without anyone having to lift a finger or risk causing water damage to your phone. If you want to take it a step further, purchase an Osram Lightify LED Gardenspot Mini RGB and insert it in the ground along the path as well. Include it in your rule, and you’re ready to go.

Don’t have a motion sensor? No problem. Take advantage of WigWag’s compatibility with the Amazon Echo (also known as Alexa) and recreate this situation with voice activation. Put your lights in place, then use your WigWag app to save your settings as a Mood. Put your phone in a safe place, then grab your Echo as you head down to the pool. Put it at a safe distance from the water, then blast some music on it as you chill poolside. The possibilities are endless. When it’s time to head back, activate your mood verbally. “Alexa, set the mood to Mood 1.”

Overall, we thought the Lightify LED Recessed Dimmable bulbs were pretty awesome. There are a lot of cool use cases and possibilities, especially when this device is connected and used with our mobile app’s Rule Builder. Have you thought of some additional use cases that could come in handy using this device? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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