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Schlage Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology Review

What will the Schlage Home Keypad Lever bring into your life? Freedom (from your keys). It also saves you time and increases your home security by allowing specific access codes to be given out to your friends and guests -- all done through your phone. Don’t worry, we’ll dive way more into that feature later on in this review.

This keypad deadbolt can be installed (and programmed) in under 30 minutes with no wiring required. The Schlage Smart Lock is packed with lots of useful features so let’s get started.

As mentioned, from out-of-the-box to installed, takes very little time and is refreshingly easy. Not having to mess with wiring is a huge plus as that makes the whole process much quicker (way less headaches as well). The smart lock uses the Z-Wave home automation protocol to communicate wirelessly with Z-Wave compatible home automation hubs, relays and controllers.

The smart lock requires 3 AA batteries and they are included in the box. There is very little drain on the battery, the product specs say they last for 17,520 hours, which is about 2 years. If the batteries do happen to die, you can still open the lock with a manual override using a physical key.

It comes preset with two user codes so it’s ready to use right out of the box. It’s built extremely sturdy which can be seen in the image below which breaks down the build of this device.

Metal construction, adds strength, security and long life

The lock is available in 3 different colors: Bright Brass, Satin Nickel, and Aged Bronze. Not the most exciting area to cover in a product review but we thought it was worth mentioning as there is more than one color option with this smart lock allowing customers to match their style of their home a little better.

Alright, now let’s get into the fun stuff that really makes this lock interesting. To start, the multiple lock codes you can create and assign to different users is our favorite feature. For instance, assign specific codes to your maids, babysitters, friends, or anyone else you want to have an access code to your house.

Setting multiple lock codes quick, easy, and can all be done within our WigWag Smart Home mobile app. All you need to do is download the app and connect your lock to our WigWag Relay. You can then set up to 10 lock codes at a time and create new codes at the touch of a button within the app.

Even more, if you rent out your home or condo on AirBnB, HomeAway, or other similar services, being able to just give your renters a temporary access code to your home will be a lifesaver for both you and your guests.

Want even more security and even cooler features? Well, once your lock is connected to our Relay, you can then use our Rule Builder to create rules -- opening up a tremendous amount of potential for this smart lock.

For example, when paired with the WigWag Relay, you will receive push notifications (text, email, etc.) for every time someone tries to use their code on your lock. It will let you know what code was used and the exact time it was used as well.

Constantly monitor all activity from your smart lock with the WigWag Smart Home Mobile App Feed

The above image shows the WigWag Smart Home mobile app feed and displays how you can constantly monitor all activity from your smart lock. You can also lock and unlock your doors - as well as set new pass codes - all from the WigWag Smart Home mobile app as shown in the image below. That way, you can give the maid access when you're at work or you can let your your friends inside without getting off of your couch.

Unlock and lock your doors with your smart lock and the WigWag Smart Home Mobile App

You can use the WigWag Rule Builder to create a rule that will time out pass codes after a desired time. These temporary codes can be set to expire after 3 hours, this is useful to give to a repair man or someone else that only needs one-time access. Then you can create separate codes to allow guests or a family member full access. No more sharing the same codes with everyone.

Pretty awesome, right? We thought so too.

Overall, the Schlage Home Keypad Lever is a very solid smart lock choice right from the start. And, when paired with our Relay, the possibilities for this lock become immense. You’ll be able to control all aspects of this lock and monitor all activity through our mobile app as well -- allowing for optimal convenience, security, and peace of mind.

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