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The Times They Are A Changin...


This certainly applies to WigWag. Several years ago we took on the complicated task of improving peoples lives by making them more automatic. Over the past year, our company has morphed from a small group of hw and sw engineers... into an organization with all the requisite functions (sales, marketing, finance, op's, SQA, etc).

We recently began shipping the WigWag Relay, along with our LED bulb (WigWag Filament) and support for almost 30 complementary devices (which are listed on our website). It's funny what "having actual customers" does to a company.

1) You exit the pre-revenue stage - becoming a bona fide / legitimate cash flowing enterprise
2) You have customers that need you - and they quickly become your greatest source of feedback & mkt knowledge
3) Sales and Marketing departments shift into gear and start contributing
4) Finance & accounting come on line (AR is a wonderful thing!)
5) Competitors & companies in adjacent industries take notice
6) The phone starts ringing - A LOT!
7) The core group you started with, doubles in size, then triples... and opportunities for advancement surface
8) Existing investors want detailed updates (and sometimes a seat on the board) and potential new investors start returning calls
9) The office gets louder... the kitchen gets messier, and there's barely enough room when we're all in town

The times they are a changin... for the better. Special thanks to our backers, investors and customers... we couldn't have gotten this far without you!

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