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A Port in the Connected Device Storm

In the currently fragmented state of the Internet of Things, controlling your connected devices can feel a lot like trying to do something on your TV and having to rummage through a basket of remote controls. You have one remote for the TV, another for the cable box, another for the blu-ray player, another for your speakers, another that you're not even sure what it goes to... and each remote only controls one thing.

It's the same situation with connected devices - each one has it's own app and many have their own hubs that can only communicate with those devices. Before you know it, you end up with a tower of hubs and a jumble of apps cluttering your smart phone. This is because different brands of connected devices use different communication standards (Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, etc.), and these standards are not exactly friendly with one another.

At WigWag, we have been making progress towards a solution to help users overcome this connected device chaos. With the WigWag Relay, mobile app, and our Rule Builder in the desktop Relay Web Admin, we make it possible to control different brands of devices that use a variety of communication standards within one unified system.

Here is a video we put together that demonstrates some of the interoperability capabilities of the WigWag platform. The video shows a variety of connected devices that use different communication standards, including LED light bulbs, sensors, outlets, a smart meter, a thermostat, and an IP camera. We start by showing how users can control their devices using our mobile app, followed by a demo of the WigWag Rule Builder, which gives users the ability to automate their devices to react to their environment (e.g. turning the lights on when the sensor detects motion).

You can find each of the devices we work with and the standards they use here:

Device Name Standard/Protocol
CentraLite Azela Thermostat ZigBee HA
Sercomm Door/Window Sensor ZigBee HA
Belkin WeMo® Smart LED Light Bulb ZigBee HA
GE Link A19 LED Light Bulb ZigBee HA
Filament Smart LED Bulb by WigWag 6LoWPAN
Sercomm iCamera2 LAN/WiFi
Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch Z-Wave
Fibaro Motion Sensor Z-Wave
GE Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module Z-Wave

How do you control connected devices in your home or business? What plans do you have to make your world more connected in the future? Let us know!

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